Spring Love Celebration Party

Another week to go and time is running out! We want to see more faces show up. Both new and old are welcome. Please make sure to RSVP in advance so we will have the right head counts. Come join us and have some fun! Date: Saturday, March 24, 2018 Time: 4pm to 8pm Location: Gallaudet University…

Spring Love Party

 Video Description: A guy with dark brown hair and beard wearing black shirt. [Transcript] Hi, My name is Ben am Vice President of MWADB, we are having an event on March 24, time is running out for early bird, The admission fee is for DeafBlind $20, SSP please honor $10, all other guest $20…

Treasurer Vacant

Treasurer position is still vacant  Interesting? Please contact us via contact us page.

MWADB Now Accepts Donation

Are you looking for an opportunity to commit to the deafblind community and make an impact? We are proud to announce that MWADB is now accepting donation through our website. Together, we can make a BIG difference. For a donation, please go to http://www.mwadb.org/donation/.

MWADB Spring Love Celebration 2018

MWADB Spring Love Celebration 2018 Title: Spring Love Celebration Party Date/time: March 24, 2018 4-8pm Location: Gallaudet University Peikoff Alumni House “Ole Jim” Included: Food, Games, Raffles, and Music Rate: $20.00 Early Bird Admission/At Door $25.00 SSP/ $10 Entry Donation- SSP’s will be assigned roles/responsibilities for the evening. For more info please email Robyn Coleman…